Welcome to STE

Spray Tanning Expert was created by Jacqueline who is trusted by many women including celebrities. Her tans have made an appearance across TV, online publications, social media and events.


STE’s mission is clear – To provide the BEST luxury tanning experience, from customised colour to ensuring you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We respect and honour every women and every BODY is welcome to tan with us.


With a background in beauty, Jacqueline is a qualified makeup artist and spray tanning expert Certified and Accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists who has worked with leading tan brands to provide flawless tans and training.

Jacqueline’s private and professional service has made her an on-demand tanning artist across Sydney.


As an educator and qualified business coach, Jacqueline saw the need for more comprehensive training and professionalism in the industry. The training on offer not only covers the fundamentals but provides ongoing support for new business owners who often feel lost and alone. Our newly launched partner program offers individuals the opportunity to expand with the STE brand, meaning there will be more quality, luxe tans across Australia.

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