laser-hair-removal-01-1024x1024 Laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods of hair removal today.

As it is a common treatment, it is important to know when your spray tan can be applied to ensure you get the best results for both your laser and tanning.

If you undergo laser treatment while you have a fake tan on then you might not see the best results and risk discoloration of the skin. Always do your research and ask your laser technician for the best advice.

If you are planning to get your laser treatment done, it’s important to ensure your  spray tan has faded completely before going ahead.

If you have just had laser done, then you should avoid spray tans (including DIY tans) for a few weeks until the tenderness of the laser treatment has subsided. The skin may be very sensitive during the time and a spray tan could irritate the skin.

Please ensure you tell your tanning technician if you have recently had laser hair removal done and where.