Spray Tanning

The Spray Tanning Expert is a home based business located in Glenwood, Sydney.

Hours of Operation – Monday to Saturday 9am – 9pm by appointment.

We might be a home business but don’t be fooled, the purpose built studio was designed especially for spray tanning and makeup, offering private parking, private change room, spray tanning area with professional clean air extraction equipment and makeup station with natural lighting. During the cooler months heating is on to ensure a comfortable experience.

The studio is also used for our one day Spray Tanning Workshops.


Only the highest quality products and equipment are used at the studio. Out Clean air extraction unit draws excess spray tan away from you into the four stage filtration unit to ensure a comfortable tanning experience.

The spray tanning equipment used is the best on the market. It offers quality results like an airbrush system only more detailed and faster application time, so you’ll be tanned and on your way in no time. The tanning gun is so fine, it creates an even mist that is absorbed into the skin better than the common cheap designed system often used. This produces an even longer lasting tan.

My aim is to provide a private and personalised experience with hours to suit you.