images (1) If you’re thinking about starting a spray tanning business you’re in the right place but do you have what it takes to ‘be your own boss’ and take the needed action for success?

In any business you need motivation, discipline and some time to invest. You need to be passionate about what it is you’re doing.

So what would fire up your passion in the world of tanning?

  • You love meeting new people
  • You enjoy making people feel good
  • You love the beauty industry
  • You care about the dangers of too much sun exposure
  • You have had a bad tanning experience and want to provide a better service
  • You want to be your own boss
  • You want to work with models, body builders, celebrities, etc
  • You want to become financially independent

If you can relate to most of the above then starting a spray tanning business is for you!

So now let’s talk about what’s really involved. Having a spray tanning business doesn’t mean your just tanning beautiful people all day. There’s lots involved when running a business and you’ll find you have to manage your time well and wear many hats through out your business. You will be the spray tanning technician, customer service, marketing expert and the much more!

Half of your business time will be spent marketing, advertising and planning for your business. You will be on facebook promoting services, replying to advertising and researching new products and competitors.

The key is in the training! Most spray tan companies only show you how to spray tan and use their products but how in depth is the business and marketing training? Are you going to spend more $$$ enrolling in other courses or are you going to learn how to tan and hope that clients just magically book in?

Look for a training program that covers everything, from tanning to customer service to problem solving and marketing.

Fake Bake offer comprehensive training that covers all aspects of running a spray tanning business. Your success is our success so we provide ongoing advanced training and support even after you have finished your training with us.