fake-bake-pod It’s amazing how quickly a service can catch on and be in demand. I remember when I started tanning not many had given it a go. Today, nearly everyone I meet has had at least one tan in their life, whether it be for a wedding or just for fun.

It’s obvious that there are many spray tanning business running right now but it doesn’t mean there’s not enough clients to go around. Take a look at your local beauty salons, tanning salons or mobile spray tan business’ and you’ll find not all have rave reviews.

That could be because of poor training in technique (or no training at all) low quality products used or even cheap equipment (no you can’t use a spray paint machine from bunnings) or they don’t know how to market their business.

Now is the perfect time for passionate individuals to break into the tanning industry but to do this you need the right training, products and equipment.

Starting a spray tanning business is ideal for many because of the low start up costs, quick return on investment and on-going income all while working flexible and even sometimes part time hours!

Even if you are a newcomer to the industry you can become an expert spray tan technician and beat your competitors quickly.

Fake Bake offer training and professional spray tanning products and equipment. You can get started today from as little as $795

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