All Fake Bake products are paraben free!

Parabens are a group of synthetic chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Studies have found that the biggest risk from parabens seems to be from the use of products that require a prolonged exposure to skin. The longer that parabens are on the skin, the more opportunity there is for them to be absorbed. When used in skin care products, parabens are absorbed directly into the blood stream.

One type of paraben – methylparaben – has also been linked to the premature ageing of skin. A study undertaken in Japan indicated that certain cosmetic products may cause skin to age excessively when exposed to ultra-violet rays.

Some tests have indicated that parabens have caused an increase in oestrogen which can possibly affect the male and female reproductive organs. Some studies in men have shown that a low sperm count and a decrease in testosterone are directly related to the intake of parabens.

One of the biggest areas of concern is the effect of parabens on breast cancer. Several studies have found traces of parabens in women with breast cancer. There seems little doubt that parabens can affect breast tissue – but whether they actually increase the possibility of breast cancer is still uncertain.

Source – Live Naturally