fake-bake-platinum-face-anti-aging-self-tan-lotion-300x300 This is now on the top of must list of Fake Bake must haves! As I’m in my late 20′s I am starting to worry more about my skin and what I put on it. I am so glad that I don’t bake in the sun and get my spray tans instead but what about the natural signs of aging?

So instead of creating more lines on my face from worrying, I decided to try Fake Bake Platinum Face.

So what is it? It’s a self tan face lotion that also contains anti-aging ingredients.  That anti aging breakthrough is stem cells which has been proven through extensive trials to turn back the signs of aging. It helps to protect and repair the skins cells.

The product packaging is gorgeous. I love to hold it and look at it. It has an easy to use pump dispenser and comes with a glove to apply on the face so you don;t get tanned hands.

  Fake Bake platinum

The lotion is quite brown in colour which can seem to dark for fair skin tones but after applying it I realised it’s very sheer and blends very well. My face glowed instantly and after washing it off the next morning, I had developed a nice natural tan.

The best thing about it is how my skin feels. After using it nightly for a week I could already feel and see the difference in my skin.

Using nightly is enough for me but if you want to be super dark, you can apply it in the morning and wear it under makeup.

Fake Bake Platinum Face is my favorite Fake bake product ever and one I will never ever live without.