FAKE BAKE SIGNATURE DROPS are all about BESPOKE TANNING so that we can create the perfect look for you – your very own COUTURE TAN for this Spring/Summer!

Everyone has areas of their body that contain less ‘tanning’ pigment, and we know from experience that sitting in the sun praying for them to turn golden brown is not only damaging, but a waste of time!

After an extensive consultation, we will blend this amazing new formula to create a perfectly bespoke and flawless tan. You get the benefits of our new innovative all-new formula, not tested on animals, that is packed full of naturally-derived ingredients and is paraben-free.

Signature Drops bring a new spin in the tanning world we can now offer your own personal bespoke tanning regime. We can totally ‘design’ the tan to suit your needs, how you want to look, and whatever your occasion. FAKE BAKE clients are really trend-aware, and always want to be first with everything, so this treatment is for the fashion-savvy girl or guy who knows their style stuff!

Signature Drops themselves are so innovative and a completely different product. FAKE BAKE do like to be first to the market with new ideas, and this time it is all about a profesional treatment that really is an affordable luxury.

The Signature Drops are added to your favourite base tan. Perfect for those with ‘hard to tan’ areas or those wanting an extra dark, longer lasting tan than usual.